Football Match Schedule Mini Language Format

Why? Philosophy

Why not use JSON, CSV, XML, YAML, SQL, your ? Why invent yet another format?

Excercise: Try to add by hand round-by-round the match schedule for the English Premier League, for example? Did you enjoy writing the match schedule in JSON? in CSV? in XML? in SQL? in YAML?

Now retry the exercise using the new mini language designed to make hand-crafting as easy as possible. See the difference?

Language (English, Deutsch, Espanol, etc.)


Round / Matchday Definition (Optional)

Group Definition (Optional)


Round / Matchday Header

Group Header

Date Header

Date Formats

Score Formats

Goal(s) Line

Stadium / Ground Block

Comments n Blank Lines

Use blank links as you wish to make the text look pretty, that is, easy-to-read and easy-to-write.

Single-line comments

You can use \# for comments or as an alternative % or -- or ;. Example:

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