Note: The recommended and easiest way to build yourself your own database copies (e.g. football.db, worlcup.db, etc.) is using Datafiles. See the openfootball/datafile repo for more info. To download and build all datasets from scratch, for example, use the $ sportdb new max command using the max.rb Datafile.

How to Build Your Own Copy


You have at least three options:

Option 1 - Use Build Script (/build)

Use the Ruby make build tool, that is, rake. Example:

$ rake build DATA=en   # let's build all leagues n seasons for England

See the /build repo to get started.

Option 2 - Use Shell Script (/build-shell)

Use a shell script to build your own up-to-date football.db copy from the latest plain text datasets. Example:

$ ./

See the /build-shell repo to get started.

Option 3 - Do-It-Yourself - Write Your Own Script from Scratch

Write your own build script from scratch. See the documentation to get started.


Error “sportdb: command not found”

If you get the error “sportdb: command not found” double check if you have the sportdb command line tool installed. Use the gem command; type:

$ gem list sportdb

If not listed install the gem; type:

$ gem install sportdb

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the forum. Thanks!

Edit Me! The football.db documentation site is a public GitHub repo. Please help by forking the repo and adding to it.